Feb 1, 2010

Mom was right.

Michelangelo's painting of the sin of Adam and...
OK, enough is enough. Friends, family, business, government, and media, you can't swing a yoyo without hitting some good soul who believes in the Utopian dream of a near perfect world in this life. Here's the deal, we live in a "fallen" world, speak imperfect language, and make free and random choices based on an intellect and will that got their Eviction Notice from the best resort of all time - the Garden of Eden. Progress is not a process leading to perfection. How is it possible to be perfected? One can only be perfected by sharing in perfection. Even Father Francis knew his flaws could only be addressed when he was freed from this world. We "beings" need to "share" in the Almighty "BEING" in order to have any chance at perfection. See, your Mom was right, share! Wake up good people. JMJ. Mick