Jan 18, 2010

That's wood in your eye!

Blessed Are The Peace Maker (Beatitudes #7)ISometimes it is best to leave the details to the Holy Spirit to animate a fraternity. Today I bragged a little about our fraternity to the wonderful members of the "facebook" Secular Franciscan Order. Yesterday, at our monthly SFO meeting, the first episode in continuing formation occurred when a member of our community gave an astute, and remarkably comprehensive talk on "Peacemaking and Conflict in Relationships". She got to the heart of the matter of destructive conflict by understanding James 4: 1. "What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires within you?" From here we were guided, using biblical principles to first, glorify God.
We accomplish this by faithfully doing what He has commanded, you know those Greatest Commandments - Love God and Love your Neighbor. Second, we need conversion daily by getting the "beam out of our own eye". Third, after this is done maybe with new credibility we can ask: How did I contribute to this conflict? Last, gently restore and be reconciled by actively seeking forgiveness, peace, and by negotiating in a truly biblical manner through "prayer, respect, understanding, creative solutions, and objectivity". This account of our meeting doesn't adequately show the powerful impact I witnessed but it can show other fraternities eloquence is not necessary when a presentation is given with a "deliberate, focused love". JMJ. Mick