Jan 14, 2010

Buddy, can you spare a dime?

Illustration from below bookWikipediaMany years ago I realized having no original thoughts and ideas wasn't such a bad thing. Human originality is overrated. If you are blessed with a distinct creative nature consider this a challenge from God. The possibilities for catastrophe are endless because of pride. That is why being average or even below average keeps expectations low in case of failure, and centers one on acting well. I have capitalized on my own mediocrity just this way while passionately focusing on the ripple effect of my own actions in a small part of the world. St Francis and his brothers practiced a similar philanthropy which G.K. Chesterton aptly named "hard charity". This is a "look you in the eye and give to the beggar on the street without questioning where your gift goes" kind of charity. These first Franciscans had no money and no creative ideas about making any. They followed the original, most creative person who ever lived and became who they loved, beggars. I don't think we can mess up if it takes being little to conform ourselves to the life of the original, Original. JMJ. Mick