May 15, 2011

Return to "A Thaaankin' Place".

The long cold winter here in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania is officially over and none too soon. The weather conditions always seem tied, at least in my life, with the state of one's spiritual life. I would hate to think this is true because equating the seasons of the year with "the journey" sounds almost pantheistic. So why go there? Let's return instead to that simple, solitary place known only to the readers of this blog as - yes, you guessed it - "The Thaaankin' Place".  It is a dusty, cluttered workshop/garage filled with an ever growing collection of the tackiest religious artifacts from the 50's, 60's, and 70's attached to the walls! The latest addition is the ninth station of the cross: Jesus falls a third time. It was rescued from an old retired church building that is now serving as a make shift warehouse. It's composition is of unknown materials but is hand painted adding to its allure. I am truly humbled by its presence, just try to imagine how many prayers, meditations, and acts of reverence passed before this window to the Passion over the years. What better station shows Jesus' full humanity, and humility. No earthly season, can mirror this station, only the Church's liturgical season of Lent can qualify as a true reflection of the state of our spiritual lives. It truly is suited now for "My Thaaankin' Place", that quiet solitary venue combining both meditation and prayerful thanksgiving. Everyone should have one.  JMJ. Mick, SFO
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