May 8, 2011


In Catholic Distance University's course manual for Catholic Fundamental Moral Theology Part A, Ch.3 (course #101-0304), motherhood (and fatherhood) are seen as "the hidden treasures of humanity". A wife and mother's original design  can be recognized "because of her spiritual, physical, intellectual, communicative, and emotional fertility (S.P.I.C.E.) - in short, the genius endowed on her by the Creator - woman has precedence. It is woman who is the norm of our humanity and who teaches both men and women the meaning of their humanity. By drawing man to herself and educating and ennobling his passions and imagination, woman brings him home to his own manhood and its hidden treasure, fatherhood. Fatherhood, it turns out, is best understood as the husband's participation in his wife's motherhood." The Catholic Church, from the beginning, has recognized that motherhood is worthy of celebration and its importance is critical to the health of the family and civilization itself! The Blessed Mother Mary is the personification of this teaching. Happy Mother's Day. JMJ. Mick, SFO