Jan 2, 2011

In the end, will everyone go to heaven?

(W. M. Craig) THE LAST JUDGEMENTMatthew Ch. 25
Scripture Verses: (Jn 3:16), (Col 1:16), (Lk 3:14), (Mt 5:21-48), (Eph 5:5), (2 Pet: 2:4), (Lk 16:28)

In scripture we learn of the love God has for all of us (Jn 3:16), even though the history of mankind is full of examples of our disobedience. According to St. Faustina Jesus has abundant mercy and wants to have all of us with Him in paradise and gives us chance after chance. The truth of this leads some people in our culture today to believe that Jesus would never condemn anyone to hell.  But…what about God’s Justice?   Could His Mercy trump His Justice? The influence of our 21st century world on many brings them to the conclusion that the all loving God in the end will say all are forgiven and with a smile bring everyone through the gates of heaven. Scripture is the truth and is worthy of belief. Jesus is the Truth, way and the life. So, what does Scripture say on the subject?

Paul tells us in many places that we belong to Jesus and were made through Him and for Him (Col 1:16). So it is true that all of creation including us does belong to Him and He has great love for us. Going to the Gospels of Luke and Matthew we learn what is expected of us concerning our behavior. John the Baptist preached repentance (Lk 3:14) “Do not practice extortion, do not falsely accuse, be satisfied with your wages [and be generous]”. So, before Jesus started His public life John set the tone – Stop sinning and repent. Matthew reports that Jesus listed some sinful activities that are as applicable today as during His own time on earth. Jesus condemned anger, adultery, divorce and more (Mt 5:21-48). What did He say was the consequence of such sins? Scripture says “fiery Gahanna”. Add to this (Eph 5:5), (2 Pet: 2:4), (Lk 16:28) and if you want to consult your Concordance the list grows.  What reason does anyone question that there is punishment in hell for sins?

Can anyone find where Jesus says that He has set aside the 10 Commandments? He does not say that truth is relative to the culture of the times. Divorce is not okay if it is so common place that no one notices it anymore. He does not say it is okay to get even or cheat to get ahead in the world because of the times we live in. The fact is that He lays it down very clearly doesn’t He? The message was first sent by John the Baptist, detailed by Jesus and reported by the scriptures. In our 21st Century world we have all of these sins around us, even boasted on TV, in magazines and movies. They continue to even increase; and what kind of world do we have because of it? It is corrupt because that is what these activities bring.

So, what is the answer to the question? If people commit these sins they condemn themselves to “fiery Gahanna”. Jesus’ Mercy is absolute, but He is the Truth, Way and Life; and He has given us Free Will to decide. Then He will apply both mercy and justice.  POC.  BOB SFO