Jan 14, 2011

Don't blame God.

from "A Collection of Book Plate Designs&... 
We all have discovered that something can't be and not be at the same time and in the same respect. Every thing created by God has what is known as  an "essence" or "what-ness". For example, a rock is a rock, not a cow.  In the Book of Genesis we learn that God created all things or all essences but evil wasn't an essence. It is the absence of an essence, a cavity, a parasite on the good, or even a "spoiled goodness". It can't exist independently of good. Therefore if evil is not an essence then God did not create evil, either directly or indirectly. He does permit the possibility of evil. The "actuality of evil" is created by the abuse of free will, a deficient will, a will that makes God, the highest good, secondary. Genesis says all things were created good but wait - why didn't the inspired writer say it was good when man was created? According to the Catechism (CC310) the world is "in a state of journeying" toward its ultimate perfection, the sharing in the perfection of the Beatific Vision. In other words, we are not what we ought to be yet. I guess you might say we all need continuing formation. JMJ.  Mick, SFO