Nov 3, 2010

Who are you really?

Truth lies Most people think they do the right thing, I include myself. For many years moral questions were answered by a little voice in our heads that consistently chanted what we wanted to hear. It was always deceitful because the message told us what we are not and didn't tell us what we are. For example, when one says they are "pro-choice" that means that abortion is never said to be killing because we know we aren't killers so it must be ok since it's just a life style choice. Language helps to keep us in a certain ambiguity about our true selves and are true motives. Someone once said that the devil fills ambiguity. So maybe using language, possibly the language of faith, to accurately describe what we are could lead to the truth of things, especially what we really are. Secular Franciscans and all good Christians work daily to block out the Father of Lies' voice and realize that once upon a time we might have been killers, liars, thieves and real big time sinners. Recognizing this is instantaneously humbling and the beginning of doing things simply for the glory of God. JMJ. Mick, SFO