Oct 26, 2010

Holiness isn't easy.

portrait de Paul de la croix In the October 20th "Meditation Of The Day" of Magnificat magazine St. Paul of the Cross writes that much will be required of us by God: "The truth of God's love was shown on the cross of His beloved Son, Jesus. And the way to grow in our relationship with God in times of physical or mental stress is to strengthen ourselves by doing the things that God desires. ... It is the sign of great holiness when one is resigned in everything to the will of God. Everything that God wills is for our good. ... If anyone hurts you, look on him as someone of great value and, with the eyes of one who loves, see him as the person chosen by God to clothe you in holiness and in the patience, silence, and meekness of Jesus Christ. ... If you can learn to see God's will as a source of strength, taking every difficulty you go through as something that comes not just from circumstances but from the loving hand of God your Creator, you will soon be speeding along the short road to holiness. ... Even when things are at their worst, keep your peace of heart and accept whatever God sends you as being for your good. ... In everything that happens the best thing you can do is abandon yourself to His will." Yes, much is required of us. JMJ. Mick, SFO