Jan 24, 2010

Church or "Man Cave"

A Catholic Tabernacle 
Because of the original design of our church, it is difficult to see the Tabernacle. The Blessed Sacrament lives in a separate little room in between the main church and a chapel. The chapel is used for daily Mass, confessions, and adoration. Recently the church has gone through what might be called a "rebranding" since the retirement of our pastor. We are now a W.E.A. church (welcoming, engaging, and affirming) and it seems to be popular with most parishioners. I am ambivalent.
The church's image is changing, maybe for the better, but it's heart, the Eucharist, is still distant and secondary. The chapel where the Tabernacle is best seen from is now used for social justice committee meetings and sometimes as an exit route for CCD students. It has become tragically comedic, and I hope God has a sense of humor because we refer to His room as "His Man Cave" unfortunately without cable and a refrigerator! Maybe we should "rebrand" our idea of body, blood, soul, and divinity and make access for God by welcoming, engaging, and affirming Him. JMJ. Mick