Jan 29, 2012

Why Questions.

Young children are full of questions for adults. Some are easily answered, but many are difficult for us to answer because they are so basic. Over time we adults have begun taking things for granted because things just “are” that way. A child is curious and will ask questions like “why do the leaves fall off the trees?” or “where does water come from?” and so on. It doesn’t mean that there are no answers, just that we have learned to live with the fact that things “are”. Recently, I found myself meditating on some “why” questions too. It began while thinking about our Franciscan call of Life to Gospel, and Gospel to Life. It takes some knowledge of scripture for this to be effective. We can’t model something we don’t know. However, even a basic knowledge of our Catholic Faith will automatically lead us to the main principles found in the Gospels. As children we learned the Ten Commandments, who is God, the belief in the Trinity, who are the persons of the Trinity etc. As we grew we gained a deeper understanding to such basic questions building on what we knew. Then I questioned, why today do so many who call themselves Catholic skip Mass?  Why do so many avoid going to confession? Why are so many who go to Mass not growing in faith? Why do Christians in general live as if God did not exist? Why does living a Christian life often take a back seat to career, wealth, popular entertainment, computer games, phone “apps” sports and more? Why are Christians so complacent when challenged over Nativity Scenes, saying Merry Christmas, standing up to abortion and praying to God at public events? Why is this similar in Christian Europe as well as the USA? I am sure that most of us have had the same thoughts at times and don’t have the answers. I recalled one method used in problem solving in industry called the “5 Why’s”. Identify a problem and ask yourself “why”. Take the answer and ask why again. Do this at least 5 times. You eventually, by being honest and getting very detailed, come to a possible “root cause”.  I challenge you to try it on some of the “why’s” above and see what you get. I have found that it helps in taking Gospel to Life and Life to Gospel. It also gives us some insight as to how to evangelize our Catholic family, friends, and those around us.  POC. Bob, OFS