Jul 12, 2011

Tiber River Reading Lists.

View of Tiber and the Vatican State Picture ta...

Increasingly I have been getting a number of requests from people interested in learning more about the faith. These requests are coming from a wide variety of people, young and old, Catholic and non Catholic. It is good to see the appetite and curiosity for spiritual growth seems to be thriving worldwide. The difficulty in recommending specific books is understanding someones particular need and interest. After serious reflection, I realized that we Secular Franciscans don't need to figure out that part of the equation, namely where someone is on their journey. We only have to point, the Holy Spirit will take care of the rest. I for one have come to depend on that most essential of prayers, "Thy will be done". With that in mind, this link, which is a link of lists: Tiber River Recommended Reading Lists could prove helpful to a large variety of good souls on the journey. The individual lists, the people behind them, and Tiber River are first rate. I pray this helps as many as possible. JMJ.  Mick, SFO