Apr 15, 2011


I want to state my case with much of what I read these last few days on "The American Catholic Church" coming to the surface due to the widely publicized conference being held in Detroit, MI in June 2011. Many are in support of a schism--both the liberal camp and the arch-conservative camp.

The tone of letters appears to be born out in the same spirit--division, derision, pointing fingers, political leanings, blatantly condemning bishops in the USA, making statements with no foundation or references to the source of the information.

It ALL smacks of division, a hope for greater and greater polarization ending in separation, deplete of any patience, mercy or spirit of obedience. To be a living, worshiping member of the Roman Catholic Church in this world is to follow Jesus Christ and his command to discipleship to enter into, not retreat away from. What is the price of unity? What does discipleship demand of me with regards to reconciling polarized Catholics? How do I handle blatant disobedience and defamation or derision when I hear it or see it? I cannot standby and watch it, but I must not cut and run into my comfort zone either. We are charged with a universal witness to the Truth and must protect it, witness to it and call the world to it. I must challenge deceptions of partial truths in every place. How I do it makes all the difference. Sledge hammers don't work. Intelligent repartee and well founded and documented facts, citings and theology of Church with its many subtleties works. Tough challenges are ahead for any Catholic who says he holds to the sacred banners of His truth. Pax et Bonum.

Fr Dan Havron, OFM, Cincinnati, OH