Dec 15, 2010

A Christmas Letter

The Painting entitled "Jesus Blessing the...
If I could have one wish for everyone, it would be that everyone could find love.  Sounds complicated, but it is much simpler than it seems.  The inner peace and joy that comes from love is indescribable, yet sought by so many. 

The unconditional love one feels when their baby looks into their eyes, not yet able to speak, and bonds them eternally is just a grain of sand on the beach of love.  The feeling one gets, however fleeting, when the sun, the breeze, and the waves are just right and the inner peace overwhelms us into thankfulness is another wonderful example of love.  The joy of having our worldly concerns melt away, seemingly by magic, as unforeseen forces result in everything falling perfectly into place.  This is yet another example of love.

We spend much of our lives trying to create or looking for that perfect moment, and trying to make that moment last longer and longer.  The methods are many, but success is fleeting.The tasks of daily living remove us from our childhood piece by piece, and the difficulty in restoring that innocence becomes harder and harder the older and more worldly we become.  Yet we know we must be like children to enter the gates of heaven.  What could it all mean? 

We’ve heard the phrase “God is Love” all of our lives, but never put it to the test, and therefore never discover its meaning.  You know the feelings I’ve described already. We wait for summer, to take time off, to get to the beach, to try to get that moment again, when in fact it is already with you right now.  The warm rays of the sun beaming down on us on a beach can be felt right in our own living rooms, if we allow God into our lives to do His work.   Imagine, if you can, that the effects of quiet reflection and prayer can provide as much of a spiritual glow and feeling of love as a day on the beach can provide a tan of your skin…..both visible after the fact, but invisible while it’s happening. 

The task of returning to our child like state only seems overwhelming, but it is not impossible, and the rewards are eternal.  I give to you the same present I have given you always, childlike unconditional love, and my wish that you will now find it everywhere. Pax.  Ziggy