Oct 19, 2010

The Little Office

The Office of the Passion of St. Francis which was known to have been prayed by both Francis and Claire has been generally neglected by most Franciscans over the centuries. Recently, however, because of new translations, this little office is now emerging as a great source of reflective prayer. The newest edition entitled "The Geste of the Great King: Office of the Passion of Francis of Assisi" /Laurent Gallant, Andre Cirino is available from: Franciscan Resources and is well worth the price for a compact hardback prayer book. The introduction shows the reader that the office is a window into Francis' daily method of contemplating which first focuses on the goal of gospel living and then on the road, which includes the cross, leading to a fuller Christian life. Francis prayed this office seven times a day, it is not hard to see the importance to Franciscan spirituality and aspects of the gospel way of life that he proposes. JMJ. Mick, SFO