Aug 17, 2010

See no evil.

See No EvilFather James V. Schall reminds us most articulately that "we live in a time of little detestation of moral evil ... Many of the worst moral evils are now, moreover, called 'human rights'. There is an intimate relationship between living rightly and thinking rightly ... If we think wrongly, it is most likely because we live, or want to live wrongly, and hence, we are seeking in our wry ways, to explain why we are living 'rightly' as if what we actually do were not wrong. This need to justify by endless explanations our disordered lives leads us into deliberate articulated error... We see that if we admit certain erroneous things about God ... the consequence will be that we must change our lives. So we seek an alternate, deviant explanation of God rather than change our ways." Fr. Schall's words illustrate the simple fact that people would rather justify morally evil behavior than constuct a commonsense, rational argument that reflects the truth of things. JMJ. Mick, SFO