Jan 1, 2010

Poof - see that was easy!

Implicit and explicit atheism 
I have of late encountered a variety of modern atheists. Some related to me, some not. It seems appropriate that the new year should begin with comments on this point of view. I have found atheists more reasonable than agnostics who just claim to be ignorant. Atheists believe (oops sorry) in a universal negative, that is, that something can come from nothing. Even so, they tell me that a God is unnecessary. The atheistic humanists say, we should just be good for goodness sake because it is positive for society.
Atheism, which includes humanism, is always utilitarian. Every thing should be useful until its not. Here in lies the irrational aspect of this fashionable philosophy. Truth can not be rationally confined to what mankind considers to be primary or useful. The Truth just is. When things become difficult we irrational Christians are bound to the Truth; we are not permitted to act contrary just because the situation presented to us may cost us dearly. A good atheist or humanist is not bound by this inconvenience. Self preservation, either philosophically or materially is what counts. They are generally bound to the fads and fashions of their particular time, and we know from experience, that these philosophies don't always adapt well. JMJ. Mick